Spring 2021

G. Davis brought his 1952 Hornet to have a couple of body panels replaced.

They had a small fender bender. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Doug and AJ going over what parts need to be removed.

Almost all of the damaged panels have been removed.

AJ cleaning the frame of dirt and debris.

AJ trying to straighten the inner fender panel.

Doug going over how to align the door before we send the car out for paint.

The nose of the car was a little crooked. It needed the porta power to get it aligned.

Doug and crew getting the engine department organized while AJ removes the crusty antenna gasket.

While removing the stainless we discovered that the rear window was not installed properly. The previous owner used laminate flooring to protect the interior from water damage.

Just about ready to go to the paint shop.

Zach checking the lights because G. Davis is going to drive it to the body shop.

At the last minute we decided to replace the hood.

Doug and Zach install the grill division bar on D. Deutsch 1939 112.

Just about finished up!

Back from its first test drive. It really runs good!

Doug and Jacob install the clips on the 1939's hood trim.

This car has came a long way from sitting in a barn a couple of years ago.

1939 Hudson 112

1939 Hudson 112

1939 Hudson 112

Work continues on D. Hanson's 1950 Commodore.

AJ preparing to replace the passenger side stainless. The moldings were damaged and someone replaced the stainless with custom moldings.

AJ polishing the lower rocker stainless for the 1950.

The crew installing the new headliner.

The motor is coming together for D. Hanson.

Getting close to being ready to go in.

Zach installing the alternator and bracket.

J. Jameson's 1952 Hollywood is almost ready to go home.

Doug repairing the speedo head for the Hollywood.

The Hollywood is all finished up, but as soon as it leaves the 1917 arrives.

The Hollywood to ready to go home.

Just back from racing at the 24 Hours of LEMONS.

Removed the leaky fuel tank on J. Jameson's 1917.

Here a look after we removed the flange.

Zach removing the end cap to gain access to the interior of the tank.

After removing the cap we have a better idea of what we are dealing with.

Doug and Zach removing the outer shell of the tank.

Doug inspecting the custom made tank.

The tank had a couple of spots where it was leaking from.

It appears that it was leaking from the very start.

This car has been modified to be safer when raced.

When the car is in the air the drive shaft is in a bit of a bind.

This car is also equipped with a custom clutch.

Finishing up the charging system on M. Sheridan's 1933.

Doug and Zach going over the factory wiring diagram.

AJ and Zach giving it a final clean before being picked up.

This 1952 Hornet - aka the Cow Car - has been selected to be a race car in the 24 Hours of LEMONS.

This car is called the Cow Car because it used to live in a pasture out in Colorado with cows. One bad winter the drifts were so high a cow decided that the standing on the roof was better than the ground.

Now we have to tear it down to install a roll cage in it.

Removed the complete front clip in one piece.

It was much worse than this when we first got it. We had to beat it out a bit so we could sit in it.

Zach made quick work at making this car look a bit more normal.

Now that everything is removed we can send it out for a roll cage.

Getting ready to start assembly on S. Turney's 1933 8 cylinder.

Going over the shims.

About ready to set the crank in.

One step down many more to go.

Doug packing the front main.

Valves are in!

Getting ready to install the pistons.

Doug and Zach wiring the headlights on B. Springer's 1937 Terraplane.

Almost ready for the first start up.

B. Springer's 1937 is just about finished up.

We got G. Swift's block back from Jeff Perkins.

Zach installing the cam bearings for J. Forkner's 308

B. Platt brought his 1952 Wasp in for some service work.

S. Bryson drove his 1942 Commodore in for some interior work.

J. Perkins checking the CCs of an old Clifford Head

Going over a couple of things before having the new heads made.

Doug doing a quick Q&A with a customer.

A customer sent this carb in. Looks like the car needs the rest of the fuel system cleaned.

Jacob sand basting a couple of parts.

Doug doing some emails.

Zach cleaning a multi disc clutch.

Normally we have step-downs but it's refreshing to have some 30s Hudsons.

Tom painting our new gasket rack.

Upgrading the brakes on this 1937 to a later model set up.

Old photo but we got some snow.

Just about finished up.

Doug taking a break from rebuilding a couple manifolds.

Zach cleaning an oil pan for a big 6.

Moving some cars around to get ready for the next batch.

We had a mini Hudson car show.