June 2020

K. Buchenroth sent his 1933 in to have us go over the wiring.

We went to disconnect the battery and found that the terminal was getting so hot that it had started to melt.

and under the dash too.

The wiring under the hood needs a little help.

...and under the dash too.

AJ installing new weather seals in M. Cherry's 1949.

After trying to adjust the doors we found that some of the screws were loose and the door had started to rip.

AJ working on installing new side glass for M. Cherry's 49.

Doug installing new clutch assembly.

Prepping the rebuilt transmission to be installed back into the 49.

AJ getting ready to remove the manifolds to replace the gaskets.

Hmm, something doesn't look right here.

Hmm, something doesn't look right here either.

Looks like it has been broken for a while. Well, no better time to get new shocks!

AJ was getting ready to clean the white walls up and he found this goiter on one of the tires.

Doug adjusting the valves on M. Cherry's 1949.

Just about finished up! A couple more odds and ends then it will be ready for a test drive.

AJ getting started on to remove the engine out of D. Hanson 1950 Commodore 6.

The engine is all disconnected and ready to pull.

Now that the engine is out of the way we had a chance to scrub the engine bay. It cleaned up pretty nice.

AJ starting to separate the transmission from the engine.

You never know what you are going to see when you remove the head.

It appears this one has nothing that stands out. Just another old motor.

The interior is almost all torn out.

But like any old car, we found a couple of mouse hotels scattered around.

We also found an entire mouse resort under the front seat.

Here's something you almost never see. The paint from the factory is still visible on the headliner bows.

Removed all of the headliner insulation.

Wood stir sticks do a wonderful job at removing rock hard rubber.

This car came in without the fender skirts installed. After taking a quick look it appears the bracket was installed backward after it was painted.

Doug finalizing the fit of the vent windows on K. Souers 1949 Commodore.

Installing the interior garnish before the car leaves the interior shop.

Almost finished the only thing left is the wiring.

This car was not optioned with turn signals so Doug is converting the tube for the turn signal assembly.

Finalizing the last couple things under the hood.

Ready for the new interior.

All finished up!

A customer sent his carb in for a rebuild. Looks like the fuel system will need to be cleaned before install the newly rebuilt carb.

Carb is cleaned and ready for assembly.

Aj repairing the heater control switch on J. Strain's 1953 wasp.

Zach found this 1968 GTO barn find in the county over. It's a little beat up but will be a fun driver!