May 2021

Getting ready to pull the drums on J. Jameson's 1917 Hudson.

This will need some adjustment.

The front looks good but we need to replace the wheel cylinders.

This car has been heavily modified in the past and needs a bit more in some locations.

Looks like we will have to completely overhaul the fuel system.

We got the tank in. They had to clean it and fix a couple of holes.

About ready to be installed back on the car.

Doug and Zach rebuilding the carburetor.

Dropped the pan to clean and inspect the motor.

Time to rebuild the distributor and get ready for assembly.

Almost ready for the first fire-up.

After putting more than 75 miles on it we need to replace the valve cover gaskets and adjust the valves.

We had to remove all of this to get to the valve covers.

Doug making a plan to make a better bracket for the alternator and oil pump.

Zach Installing a manifold hardware kit, #441, on D. Hanson's motor.

Doug rebuilding the carb for D. Hanson.

Doug going over the last few things before we drop the engine in the car.

Ready to go in.

Engine bay all cleaned up ready for the engine and transmission.

Next is to get everything hooked up!

Getting ready to get the pistons in S. Turney's 8 cylinder.

Almost finished up.

As soon as we get one on the ground we get another one ready to go back on the stand.

About ready for first fire up.

G. Davis drove his 1951 Pacemaker over to replace the side window.

B. Wyse brought his 1949 in for some engine work.

S. Bryson drove his 1942 Commodore 6 in for new glass and interior work.

J. Halley picked up his motor for his 1946 Pickup.

Doug and Jacob starting the restoration on J. Halley's Twin H.

Zach and Jacob getting ready to catch dinner using spoiled lunch.

Checking in this worn multi-disc before restoration.

Jenna starting to take apart a door panel to use as a pattern.

Starting to get an interior kit together.