September 2020

Doug and Zach installing new fog lights for K. Buchenroth's 1933.

All finished and ready for pick up!

Doug and K. Buchenroth getting ready for a test drive before loading it on the trailer.

As soon as one leaves another arrives. M. Sheridan brought his 1933 in for some work.

AJ and Cole preparing to install the running board mats for B. Springer's 1937.

AJ finishing the edging for the running boards. Look at all those clamps!

Doug and AJ Straightening the bumpers for the 1937 before we send them out.

Zach cleaning and finalizing the windshield installation.

Finishing up installing all the glass for the 1937 Terraplane.

Getting ready to start working on G. Swift's 1951 Commodore 8 barn find.

This 1951 is an extremely nice survivor.

The motor will need a complete overhaul. This is most likely the reason that kept this car off the road

The motor is out! Next is to tear it down!

After we got it out, we spotted this large snakeskin.

WOW! It's hard to see but there is more on the cross member.

It looks like its motor was ran extremely hot.

Most of the cooling system is packed full of mud.

Some of the valves came out with ease the rest needed a little heat.

When the exhaust manifold was removed a couple of studs broke, common. Doug is drilling them out before extracting.

Now it is ready for a clean to be evaluated. We found multiple crack valve seats.

Doug and G. Swift going over option for the motor.

It was decided to go ahead with this motor and have it rebuilt.

Now time for Doug's favorite part and remove all thirty head studs.

This is not an easy job and it takes a lot of time to remove each stud without breaking one.

Starting to install the new wiring harness in D. Hanson's 1950 Commodore.

We got out O. Walker's 1949 Commodore 6 to take to a few cruise inns.

Getting ready to get Steve T's 1941 coupe in for a quick clutch adjustment.

Doug and Jeff going over what Doug needs to rebuild 6 motors.

Doug rebuilding a distributor for a 1947 Hudson Pickup.

Starting to rebuild a 1912 multi-disc.

Tom pulling a starter for an order. Look at all that heavy metal!