January 2021

AJ getting D. Hanson's 50 Commodore cleaned up before we start on the interior.

Looking good!

Doug and AJ preparing to install the rubber on the split rear glass.

Taping the glass and stainless in place. As soon as the headliner is in we will install this.

AJ removing the rockers for some bodywork and some new paint.

AJ starting to cover the new interior panels.

The engine and trans is ready to go back into M. Sheridan's 1933.

Now that the motor is in place, we can start putting it back together.

Everything is hooked up except the cooling system.

Zach installing the grill shell.

Just about finished up! Soon it will be ready for a test drive.

It was a nice day, so we took O. Walker's 1949 out for a drive.

AJ Test fitting the door panels for B. Springer's 1937 Terraplane.

Zach and Doug finishing up the underside of D. Deutsch's 1939 112.

We only have a couple of things left before we have the first startup.

Getting the wiring finished under the dash. Once that is finished, we can install the rest of the interior.