November 2021

Finishing up the interior on D. Hanson's 1950 Commodore.

Needs just a few part parts installed then it will be ready for a test drive.

All cleaned up and ready to go.

All the mechanicals have been gone through and a new interior!

But we only polished the exterior of the car. It turned out amazing!

Starting the tear down on J. Ayers six cylinder.

We found one of the rods was missing almost all of its bearing.

Bearing material was scattered everywhere.

We got another car in for service.

D. Grout's 1937 Woody needs a tune up.

Doug finishing up the assembly on J. Neuhart's eight cylinder.

Doug preparing to retorque the head.

After a few long test runs it is ready to be taken off the stand then crated up for shipping.

Zach deep cleaning the shop before the cold moves in.

Zach giving the old Bridgeport a much needed service.

Jena filling orders for WRP.

Starting another tear down on 308.

S. Turney's eight cylinder is ready to be shipped.