August 2020

Just about finished up with M. Cherry's 1949 Super.

To the lift for a couple more adjustments.

The test drive went great! By the looks of Doug's shirt, we need to reinstall an A/C unit in this car.

Looking good!

Time to load it on the transport. M. Cherry was very happy with his "new" car.

Starting on the interior on D. Deutsch's 1939 112.

Zach showing Mitch how to disassemble the e brake linkage on D. Hanson's 1950 Commodore 6.

Getting Hanson's and a couple of other engines disassembled.

Looks like this timing chain is a little worn out.

Just about finished up. Next will be a deep clean.

Most of the wiring is fixed! Next is a tune up on K. Buchenroth's 1933.

Going to need new wires and plugs. Looks the wires are completely dry rotted.

New Cotton woven plug wire and a rebuilt distributor. Time for a test drive!

Doug really likes taking picture of the Griffin. You can't really blame him. They are really cool! This is one of the better ones... He can completely rebuild a Hudson but has a hard time with the camera.

To the lift for the brakes and the exhaust.

They don't build shocks like they used to.

We are getting B. Springer's 1937 Terraplane back into the groove.

All cleaned up and ready for assembly.

Getting ready to install the side glass. This 1/4 window frame is mostly complete but the other is rotted out along the bottom.

Tom setting up to rebuild the lower section.

AJ making the U channels for the back edge of the front doors.

Now AJ is ready to install the side glass.

This is how our draft seal, #331, is installed in the lower channel of the garnish.

Just about finished up on the running boards for the 1937.

Preparing the motor for B. Springer's 1937. The Clutch is installed, and it is now ready for the rebuilt transmission.

AJ installing the cowl lace.

Just about finished up with P. Swartz 1951 Hudson Hornet.

Doug and Zach testing the blower motor.

Mitch wipe and shining the old Hornet.

Time to install the rear window..

All cleaned and ready to go.

AJ and Doug setting the rear glass in.

All finished up and ready for cleanup.

Mitch supervising AJ installing the front seat.

The front seat is AJ approved.

Doug rebuilding the steering wheel. As soon as that is installed the car is ready for a test drive.

Doug has driven many Hudsons but he really likes this one. He said it drives really nice and it is fast.

Loaded and ready to go home. P. Swartz is really going to enjoy this car.

We had to take both of our 1937 2 door sedans and make them into one complete car.

The shell of the other is going to be used to make a custom pickup. It will be cool when is it all finished.

Terri brought her 1964 Galaxy down before she took it to a local car show.

A customer wanted ready to install step down brakes for his 1946 pickup.

Ready for shipping

We picked up a few 202 motors. This appears to be a good one. But...

This might work as a boat anchor.

It may have taken us a few years, but we finally had a chance to install the light pole for the front of the shop.

Doug showing Zach how to rebuild throw out bearings and discs.

Doug helping a customer on a clutch over the phone. It's hard to get Doug on the phone but it's even harder to get him off.