November 2020

Getting ready to pull the engine and transmission on M. Sheridan's 1933.

Time to tear down the motor and trans!

Starting the build on the 202 for D. Deutsch's 1939 112.

Doug and Zach installing the pistons.

Almost all finished up with a new coat of paint.

Zach reassembling the oil pick up after cleaning.

Doug and AJ installing the windshield divider.

AJ sewing the kick panels for the 1939.

Starting to install the interior on the 112.

Doug showing AJ how to install the panels around the garnish.

Doug showing AJ how the pivoting seat mechanism on the 1939 112.

Zach and Tom test fitting the radiator.

Soon we will get it over to the lift to start the mechanical work.

Working on a bunch of cars from the 1930s. Everyone installing the running boards on B. Springer's 1937 Terraplane.

Zach getting ready to install the grill.

Getting ready to have two cars ready for first start.

The beautiful 1937 grill is assembled and ready to be installed.

Zach and Jake installing the grill shell.

Cleaning some parts for customers.

Turning a brake drum to be sent out to a customer.

Doug spent some time over the weekend tuning up Terri's Galaxy.

Zach reconditioning an early clutch.

Doug teaching Zach to reassemble throw-out bearings.

Tom making a new workstation.

Zach and Jake tearing down a couple of 308s to be rebuilt.

Doug rebuilding a couple of WA-1 carbs for a 1951 Hornet.

The first time in a long time we had a Jet in the shop. It might become our new whip around town.