August 2021

Doug showing Zach how to machine new oil pump brackets for J. Jameson's 1917

Zach making custom brackets for the 1917.

Last-minute replacement of the throughout bearing before heading to the race.

The 1917 is all stickered up and ready to go!

Jackets are ready!

Team is ready! Just before the race the rear end decided that it was not ready. But It will be next year!

D. Hanson 1950 Commodore is just about ready to fire.

Doug checking the lights.

Getting ready to start assembly on J. Neuhart's 1933 8 cylinder.

Prepping all the parts before install.

New cam bearings ready to go.

Doug and Zach starting to drive the first bearing in.

Doug had a long weekend and almost finished the motor.

Doug adjusts the valves on J. Neuhart's 33 while S. Turney's is finished on the test stand.

Replacing the side glass on B. Wyse's 1949.

Pulled the motor and trans to replace the most of the valvetrain on the 1949.

This will fix the running problem it has had.

Pushed the car out so we could clean out the engine bay before we install the motor and trans.

Zach getting ready to start the install of new parts.

It's almost ready to install the trans to the motor.

Doug getting back from the first test drive. Runs good!

Doug getting ready to unload B. Wyse 1949

Rusty the Truck was trailered up after sitting for a couple years. Now it back on the road and ready to go.

B. Springer came to pick up his 1937 Terraplane to take it to an interior shop.

J. Perkin's brought his 1948 in for a service and inspection before a long road trip.

Starting the tear down on S. Bryson's 1942.

Doug finalizing the set up on S. Turney's 1933 Eight cylinder.

Pull the motor on this 1937 Terraplane before we put it in parts car row.

Not much left but you never know when you might need something.

Getting ready to pull the motor on the old 1950 Commodore.

Zach rebuilding a 1933 bellhousing.

Jenna working on arm rest covers.

Getting ready to install the rubber covers for truck running boards.

Doug was rebuilding some carbs that were sent in. This is what he found inside.


Crew heading out to get a load of Hudson parts.