December 2021

Getting ready to start to assemble G Swift's engine.

Doug has been working hard on this one.

Just about ready to go in!

The motor is in. Time for the exhaust.

Time to swap out the old luggers with some new Diamond Backs.

This car is coming along quick.

Mr. Swift showed up and he was able to take it out on its first test drive.

Doug going over everything about the car.

Only a couple of odds and ends left then it will be ready to go.

Very nice original car.

We even did the best we could to not disturb the barn find dust. I'm sure this car will really shine!

Doug and Jenna removing the rear glass in S. Bryson's 1942.

Doug fitting the windlace before we install the headliner.

The headliner is set in the car. Now it's time to fit it.

S. Turney and J. Neuhart are both finished and ready to go out.

J. Neuhart came to pick his motor up.

Staring the assembly on an overdrive transmission.

The next motor to build is J. Forkner's 308.

M. Sheridan brought his 1933 in for some work.

Tom giving the Interior area a couple of upgrades.

Brought the truck in for some work.

Jenna removing all the old rubber before we straighten and send them out for sandblasting.